Nextool Multi-Function Package Opening tool

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New!!! NexTool’s multi-function package opening tool


  • Key-shape multi-tool, designed to safely open package, rope cutter & spare folding knife.
  • Non-stick Teflon coating, keep the blade clean after cutting the tapes
  • Sweden SANDVIK Steel make cutting edge sharp longer

ISPO Award 2016 Winner and gained popular at 2016 SHOT Show

   In January 2016, the TaoTool not yet on the market, it wins the world’s top prize for innovative products – it won the ISPO Award 2016 Grand Prize for Asian Products.         

At the 2016 SHOT Show, the TaoTool showed up well, warmly welcomed by many customers, friends, media members and experts, and many orders were placed.

A nearly magic package opener, safe and easy to use

A good experience for users is what NexTool has in store.  This clever tool is a deftly made, repeatedly tested, and ultimately marketed as a safe and easy package opener. The high point of the TaoTool’s design lies at the head, a unique hook design what protects the inside objects from getting cut during opening, and also keeps your hands from getting hurt, and still getting the courier package safely opened. The sharp blade of the knife can cut through 5mm thick cardboard, getting the packaging open easily while keeping the contents intact. To use, you just hook the package and pull the tool along to simply and elegantly open your courier package.

Non-stick Teflon coating, easy to use and clean

If you use tools such as ordinary knives or scissors, they will often get stuck with sticky glue, making it ugly and significantly dulling the sharpness of the blade, and quite hard to clean. To resolve this, the TaoTool blade is Teflon coated, chemically secured to withstand corrosion. This greatly extends the useful life of the tool by preventing rust, corrosion and dirt build-up.

Size of a key, cleverly made and easily portable

TaoTool is a multi-function EDC package opener that is designed for safety. The solid state design is simple and clean, but effective, combining the general shape of an ordinary key with the functions of a small multi-function hook knife. It is made of the Swedish company Sandvik’s 12C27 steel machined to a sharp blade that is sturdy and dependable, maintaining its sharpness for long and easily usable to cut or pull apart. Its cleverly shaped key-shape body is the handle as well as case for the cutting edge, finely made to exacting dimensions. It is made to be comfortable in the hand and easy to use.

Tool for rescue or escape resting right beside you

The TaoTool does more than easily open packages; it’s an EDC safety tool that can cut through straps or bindings or other things in an emergency.The key shape of the Tao Tool is good for emergencies and because of its small size can be easily hung on a key ring.





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