NiteLite 18650 Li-ion Battery 3.7V 3400mAh

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  • Original Panasonic Cell
  • High Performance Protected Circuit
  • High quality battery protection IC from Seiko Instruments
  • Protects againts overcharge and overdischarge
  • Utilizer two high-power MOSFET in current regulation module for superior output.


  • Voltage : 3.7V (4.2V when fully charged)
  • Capacity : 3400mAh. (discharged at 0.2C)
  • Discharge rate : 5A+
  • Diamension : D=18.5mm x L=69mm (±0.2mm) 
  • Weight : 49g.


  • Do not reverse the terminals positive and negative
  • Do not mix with batteries of different brand or different type
  • Do not puncture, damage and disassemble
  • Do not dispose of in fire, heat, or throw into water
  • Isolate and keep away from the cell if you find battery abnormality
  • Keep away from children 


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