RovyVon Angle Eyes E300S 2000 Lumens EDC Flashlight

Price in points: 2590 points

Flashlights are almost exclusively cylindrical and always have been. We are tired of this boring design, so we decided to shake thing up with the E300S. Our Inspiration for getting away from the old designs, coupled with the desire to put a higher output in a compact body and not wanting to compromise on runtime, have let to this beautiful creation. We believe it is an incredible looking design without any compromising of the most practical considerations such as ease of use and long runtime.


  1. Rectangle EDC Angle LED Flashlights
  2. Made of aluminum alloy with Hard Anodization III finish
  3. Utilizes 3 x CREE XP-G3 S5 or Nichia 219C LEDs, max output 2000 lumens
  4. Uses replaceable rechargeable Li-polymer 2200mAh battery
  5. Max 5C discharge rate
  6. Micro USB charging and quick charge
  7. Breathing charging indicator and low battery indicator
  8. Overcharge and over discharge protection
  9. An internal thermal control sensor
  10. Ergonomic design for a comfortable
  11. Heat dissipation and anti-slippery grooves
  12. Strong detachable reversible pocket clip
  13. Stand capability

User Interface

Top switch

  1. Press and hold for Momentary ON (Turbo mode), release to turn off
  2. Double click for strobe, on strobe mode, click to cycle through Strobe-SOS-Signal light
  3. When on Strobe or SOS, long press (0.3s) to turn off
  4. On any other modes, click to turn off

Side switch

MODE 1: Starting from moonlight

  1. Long press (0.5s) to turn ON from Moonlight (3 lumens)
  2. Click to cycle through Low-Med-High-Turbo
  3. Working on any mode over 180 seconds, click to turn off
  4. On any mode, long press (0.3s) to turn off

MODE 2: Infinite variable brightness adjust

  1. Double click to turn on at 250 lumens
  2. Press (0.3s) and hold to infinitely adjust brightness with a cycle of 250-1600-60-1600 lumens, Release to stay the brightness you need
  3. Click to turn off
  4. Memory: working on any brightness for over 3 minutes, it will come back to the brightness when turned on next time.

MODE 3: Sole Medium

  1. Triple-click for Medium (450 lumens)
  2. Click to turn off

Output and Runtime

Turbo (2000 lumens):
210 min
High (1000 lumens):360 min
Medium (500 lumens):200 min
Low (60 lumens):1080 min
Moonlight (5 lumens):20 days


  1. Turbo: the output will dropdown to 350 lumens in 2 minutes or if the internal temperature is over 80°C depending on which criteria comes first.
  2. High: the output will dropdown to 250 lumens in 2 minutes or if the internal temperature is over 80°C depending on which criteria comes first.


  1. Everyday carry
  2. Headlamp*
  3. Chest pocket light
  4. Bike light*

*Accessory for Headlamp and Bike light will come out soon later.


Body Material: 6063 aerospace aluminum alloy

Clip & bezel material: Stainless steel

Dimensions: L101mm x W36.7mm x H17.3mm

Accessories: 1 x 1m paracord, 1 x Clip, 1 x Micro USB cable, 1 x extra USB port cover

RovyVon Angel Eyes E300S

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